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Welcome to the world of Indonesia Stamps! This page has all the details on the Indonesia stamps.



These attractive souvenir packs come with a set of stamps, hand mounted in a colourful folder with background information on the featured subject, all in a protective cover.

These unique 'once off' souvenir are probably the best known and one of the more interesting aspects of the collecting hobby. Specially designed official souvenir envelopes are produced for each new stamp issue and then postmarked on the first day of sale. It is the postmark that bestows their intrinsic value.

Convenience is a major requirement in todays world. The 'Indonesian Philatelic Service' has recognised this need and has produced Year Collections of it's stamps. These packs contain one mint example of each stamp, handmounted on protective cards and packaged in a colourful, informative folder.

Another popular item produced by the Post Office, these stamp booklets are ideal for ensuring that you always have postage stamps to hand - in the office, at home or even in your wallet or purse. These handy booklets have, since their introduction, been popular with collectors and make up an interesting and valuable Indonesia collection of their own. There are four categories to choose from :

The Indonesian Postage Stamps of Revolution Series Printed Overseas.

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