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As we know topical of stamps collection are so many. One of those is Duck Stamps. If you collect Duck Stamps, then you should also add this series of Duck Stamps issued in Indonesia on 19 October 1998 & 1 December 1998. The design are very nice (Stamps, FDC, minisheet).

Cairina Scutulata (Indonesian : Entok Rimba)
Known as White Winged Duck, has a unique style to perch on the tree. This species lives alone or in a group up to 5 members in the habitat of lake, swamp, or watercourse. This population comfortably lives in the low land around 1,500 meters above the sea. The Indonesian people also name this species as serati, forest duck, forest goose, and water duck. Nowadays, this species remains only 400 in the world, and half of it can be found in Indonesia, mostly Sumatra Island.
Tadorna Radjah (Indonesian : Umukia Raja)
Lives in a couple around lake, mud sand, swamp, river, lagoon, tobacco plantation, riverside, and remoted coastal plain. The couple stay up the tree during night time or in the hole of tree which grows on the stream. They gather foods underneath the water, both plants and small animals. Up to present, this species can be plainly found in Maluku Islands and Irian Jaya.
Anas Waigiuensis (Indonesian : Itik Gunung)
Known as mountain duck. Lives in highland of 600 up to 4,000 meters above sea level in the habitat of lake and mountain stream. This species tends to stay in a small population, and can be easily found in Irian Jaya.
Dendrocygna Guttata (Indonesian : Belibis Botol)
Known as dotted seagull. Lives in a couple on small group around small islands, riverside, swamp, or lagoon. This species is scattered around Sulawesi, Maluku, and Irian Jaya. Stays in the hole of tree during the night time.
Anseranas Semipalmata (Indonesian : Boha Wasur)
This species can be plainly found in Merauke. Lives within a small group around dry coastal plain or wet grassy green environment. The unique style of this species is its ability to walk and fly very well, as well as fly to the top of high trees.
Dendrocygna Arcurata (Indonesian : Belibis Kembang)
Known as flower wild duck. Lives in a large group around grassy lagoon, swamp, or floating tundra. This species will stay in a couple during the regeneration season. Its tall posture has a beautiful colored feather. As the habitat of species is unvarying, mostly can be found in Indonesia. The main foods are plants and small animals underneath the water.
Dendrocygna Javanica (Indonesian : Belibis Polos)
Known as single colored wild duck with medium size. Lives in a couple within group. Its habitat covers swamp, lake, forest basin, small lake, streams, tobacco plantation, and rice field. Their foods are plants and small animals underneath the water. They also prefer to live in the floating islands, bush, branch or hole of tree. Can be found in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sumbawa, and Flores.
Nettapus Pulchelus (Indonesian : Trutu Hijau)
Known as green-colored duck. Lives constantly in one site. The interesting style of species is : always swims in a group. Prefer to live around lagoon, swamp, stream, swamp with various plantation, and coastal plain. This species is scarce and can only be found in South Sumatra, Maluku, and Irian Jaya.
Nettapus Coromandelianus (Indonesian : Trutu Coklat)
Known as brown duck. Its wandering style causes this species can also be found in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indo-China, instead of Indonesia. This scarce species likes living in a group.
Anas Gibberifrons (Indonesian : Itik Nonong)
This species prefer to live, side-by-side, with the other species of bird. It can fly from tree to tree very well, within a habitat of swamp and lake. Besides making the hole of tree as the place during the night time, a shady opened air environment is another alternative.
Anas Superciliosa (Indonesian : Itik Alis)
Known as eyebrow duck with medium size. The habitat of this species is landscape up to 2,000 meters above sea level, but coastal plain is preferable.
Aythya Australis (Indonesian : Kambangan Coklat)
This scarce wanderer species can fly high and far (except group found in Irian Jaya). Lives around a pool of water lake or bush.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION (19 October 1998) issued :

  • Design :
    • Magpie Goose
    • Spotted Whistling Duck
    • Salvador's Teal
    • Radjah Shelduck
    • White-Winged Wood Duck
  • Date of issue : 19 October 1998
  • Quantity : 1,000,000 sets
  • Paper : white unwatermarked
  • Gum : PVA
  • Printing process : combination of offset and Rotogravure with Micro letter and Hologram
  • Size : 41,06 x 25,31 mm.
  • Perforation : 12,75 x 13,50
  • Sheet composition : 50 (5x10)
  • Quantity : 20,000 pcs
  • Design : All five stamps
  • Quantity : 100,000 pcs



  • Design :
    • Aythya Australis
    • Anas Superciliosa
    • Anas Gibberifrons
    • Nettapus Coromandelianus
    • Nettapus Pulchelus
    • Dendrocygna Javanica
    • Dendrocygna Arcuata
  • Date of issue : 1 December 1998
  • Quantity : 1,000,000 sets
  • Paper : white unwatermarked
  • Gum : PVA
  • Printing process : Rotogravure
  • Size : 24,00 x 31,96 mm.
  • Perforation : 12,50 x 12,50
  • Sheet composition : 100 (10x10)
  • FDC + Stamps :
    • Quantity : 20,000 pcs
  • FDC + S/S :
    • Quantity : 20,000 pcs
  • FDC + S/S and Duck Wood Replica :
    • Quantity : 10,000 pcs
  • Design : Aythya Australis
  • Quantity : 100,000 pcs