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PT. POS Indonesia supports the team by launching the XIIIth Asian Games stamps series in September which it could be an eternal frame to remind the team struggle for keeping a supreme and get the best ending on arena.

The last XIX Sea Games is a proof how heroic Indonesian taekwondoin with 6 gold, 2 silver medals, 4 bronze medals and become a champion .

Eventhough the Asian Games is a bigger event and Korea-the country where's this sport comes from-will be a great challenge, because a several years ago before it known to the world had become a skill game that spread along South Korea, but it just played by the men which classified to wieght and in the beginning of 19th century it became a popular game.

The Indonesian Fencer will be back to fight through XIIIth Asian Games event to reffrain the success on last Sea Games 1997 with 6 golds. The sport where come from England showed at the time of King Arthur's power XVI century. Actually it based on the skill to play a sword became the "musketeer's" specialist, those are the England knight to battle. Because it's prestige and had a point of art in aristocratics, it grown for a supreme game by it's clarrification to the kind of sword and matched which it's game style. In the England glorious time, with a power almost around of five continent was spreading through colonial territory, until XVIII century this England sword game was known enough in superiority practical. Though it has a typical of sport, but without the armour wear will be a high risk.

Sport called fence then, it grows either the technical game, it won't be hurt someone more also the standarization of sword made such as florette, degen, sabel and compete in International sport event.

Wushu known as source of other chinesse martial arts, that has born a thousand years ago since the first dinasty of China, Han, and became a martial art of the heroes in South China, at Siangyang and Nanking.

It's growth stimulated by a beautiful and flourish land, also an wonderful valley which made an amazing motion, soft like a wind but so powerful as a madly tiger. It's really incredible !

This sport is going to unfamiliar abroad becaused Chinesse isolation politic which limitted relation with foreigner. In XIX century, Chinesse merchandiser started to make a trading trip around the world, in this case naturally cultural influence bring along to the place he went, and so did Wushu sport that known as Gungfu (kungfu) in Hokkian-traditional language from China ground, became familiar as a fabulous martial art.

Even in America, 1974, this sport introduces by Lee Siau Lung or Bruce Lee who innovated it to be Jeet Kune Do. Finally, traditional sport-wushu accepted by a whole world and being compete in an international event trough Sanshou (body contact) and Taulo (art game).


  • Design :
    • Fencing
    • Taekwondo
    • Wushu
  • Date of issue : 09 September 1998
  • Quantity : 1,000,000 sets
  • Paper : white unwatermarked
  • Gum : PVA
  • Printing process : combination of offset and Rotogravure
  • Size : 41,06 x 25,31
  • Perforation : 12,75 x 13,50.
  • Sheet composition : 20 (5x4)
  • FDC + Stamps
    • Quantity : 20,000 pcs
  • FDC + S/S
    • Quantity : 15,000 pcs
  • Design : Bearing all three stamps
  • Quantity : 200,000 pcs