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Whenever we want to congratulate somebody, greeting cards are probably the first things that come to mind, since they are easy to buy and send. In their simplicity, greeting cards have the capacity to express our attentions or even feelings to the receiver.

In Indonesia, where life is full of brotherhood values and religious atmosphere, there are many occasions when people show attention and share joy and happiness with each other. Holidays, end of years, and great moments in somebody's life are good times to deliver greetings. Greeting cards can create friendships or tighten the bonds of relationships ~ things that Indonesians always highly value. Cards can also help sharing happiness. This is important because happiness means more when we can share it with the people we love.

To highlight and emphasize the messages of greeting card, the Greeting Stamps Series might be useful. They are issued at different times for different occasions, namely : "Selamat Hari Raya" or "Happy Holiday" (issued 1 February 1996), "Selamat dan Sukses" or "Congratulations and Best Wishes" (15 April 1996) and "Selamat Tahun Baru" or "Happy New Year" (15 October 1996). Along with the stamps three first day covers are also released.


  • Design :
    • "Happy Holiday" issued on 1 February 1996
      • Bouquet of orchids, and gerberas
      • Bouquet of orchids, roses, bananas-alike
      • Bouquet of orchids, chrysants and roses
    • "Congratulations and Best Wishes" issued on 15 April 1996
      • Bouquet of roses
      • Bouquet of roses and orchids
      • Bouquet of chrysants
    • "Happy New Year" issued on 15 October 1996
      • Bouquet of roses, orchids, asiatics
      • Bouquet of roses, orchids and chrysants
      • Bouquet of roses, orchids, asiatics and chrysants.
  • Quantity : 1,000,000 sets
  • Paper : white unwatermarked
  • Gum : type ex Harrison
  • Printing process : combination of offset and Rotogravure in three colors, bearing a special mark in the form of an emblem of PT. Pos Indonesia )persero
  • Size : 24,001 x 31,96 mm
  • Perforation : 12,.50 x 12,5
  • Sheet composition : 100 pcs (10x10).
  • Quantity : 15,000 pcs