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On November 5, 1993 a series of stamps faturing flora and fauna decalred as the mascots of two provinces namely Aceh and North Sumatra were issued to commmorate Love Flora and Fauna Day.

To commemorate Love Flora and Fauna Day of November 5, 1994 the Directorate General of Posts and Telecomunications issue a series of special stamps (10 designs in se-tenant pair) featuring flora and fauna representing five provinces namely West Sumatra, Riau, East Timor, Maluku and Irian Jaya.

The special issue will be followed by Love Flora and Fauna series representing flora and fauna declared as the mascots of other provinces.

Regarding the special stamp issue, the Public Corporation for Posts and Giro also issue First Day Covers.


  • 10 designs :
    • Flora Andalas (Morus Macroura) of Province of Sumatra Barat
    • Fauna Kuala Raja (Argusianus Argus) of Province of Sumatra Barat
    • Flora Nibung (Oncosperma Tigillaria) of Province Riau
    • Fauna Serindit Melayu (Loriculus Pusillus) of Province Riau
    • Flora Ampupu (Eucalyptus Urophylla) of Province Timor Timur
    • Fauna Cikukua Lantang (Philemon Buceroides) of Province Timor Timur
    • Flora Anggrek Larat (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) of Province Maluku
    • Fauna Aryat Ambon (Alisterus Amboinensis) of Province Maluku
    • Flora Matoa (Pometia Pinnata) of Province Irian Jaya
    • Fauna Abosis Irian (Seleucidis Melanoleuca) of Province Irian Jaya
  • Date of issue : November 5, 1994.
  • Quantity : 750.000 pieces for each designs.
  • Paper : white unwatermarked
  • Gum : type ex Harrison.
  • Printing process : combination of offset and Rotogravure in four colors, bearing a special mark in the form of an emblem of Perum Pos dan Giro which is visible only under ultra violet ray.
  • Size : 25.31 x 41.06 mm.
  • Perforation : 13.50 x 12.75.
  • Sheet composition : 50 stamps per sheet.
  • Data Source :
    • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta
    • Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense
    • Herbarium Bogoriense
    • Puslitbang Kehutanan Bogor
    • Pemda Sumatra Barat
    • Kebon Binatang Ragunan Jakarta
    • Yustina Erna Widyastuti "Flora-Fauna Maskot Nasional dan Propinsi" Penebar Swadaya 1993.

  • Design : 2 sets
  • Quantity : 40,000 pcs (20,000 sets)
  • Design : Fauna Cikukua Lantang (Philemon Buceroides) with the background of their habitats
  • Quantity : 50,000 pcs

Note : at December 5, 1994 Flora Anggrek Larat (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) of Province Maluku & Fauna Serindit Melayu (Loriculus Pusillus) of Province Riau was withdrawn